If I Had Wings To Fly

There is an emptiness inside I can’t seem to fill
How long has it been here hiding so silent and still?
The void growing larger and days turn to years
A darkness that’s all-consuming fed by these tears
Stumbling through this life with no destination
Fearing each day there’s no escape from damnation
So broken inside that I may beyond repair
Sinking lower under the weight of my own despair
Yet each day I reach out for a rescue that remains out of sight
Hoping for wings that will fly me to that imperceptible light

About jadedheart

For those of you who stumble across this blog, I invite you to share your thoughts and feelings and know that you are welcome here. For those of you who identify with my writings, I hope you find something helpful buried within these thoughts. I invite you all to take a look around and hope you enjoy. View all posts by jadedheart

5 responses to “If I Had Wings To Fly

  • Martin Shone

    Sometimes I feel that emptyness too and you say it with words that reach.

  • Vampire Weather

    I have so often felt some of this pain you so eloquently describe. I have dedicated my life to helping give people hope, and sometimes I find it difficult to do for myself. The feeling of being lost in a void…and the emptiness of the promises others might give. “it will be ok” or “you will get past this” sound like promises that no one can keep. The moments seem so dark some days.

    I can say without knowing you, that I believe in you. And I believe your life should have a direction. But you are right…until you decide what it is, there will always be a very lost feeling deep inside.

    Thank you for sharing! A touching glimpse into the window of your soul

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