Crying Dove

The sun and moon and stars above
Bear witness to a mourning dove
It mourns for love found then lost
For lovers whose stars got crossed
Its lonesome flight reminds me so well
How delicate is loves simple spell
That what we find can so easily break
If we continue with the same mistake
Without change this dove will cry
Each day as it passes by

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6 responses to “Crying Dove

  • granbee

    The dove being a commonly accepted symbol of peace, I am right with you on this post today. We MUST change if the dove is not to cry herself into a dark grave!

  • rastelly

    I once tried to raise a baby
    dove that had fallen out of
    it’s nest. I noticed the mother
    looking for it an thought may
    be she would take it back.
    I left it under the tree and
    the mother would fly down
    to it and give it food, or just
    sit with her wing over it.
    She would call it back to
    the nest but it coulden’t
    fly. I think it was sick as
    it grew weaker and started
    to refuse food even from it’s
    mother. When it died I buried
    it under a tree, but the mother
    continued to wait for it in the
    usual place. Calling it over
    and over. After a while the
    song changed into something
    diffirent, as if she realised what
    had happened, the sounds
    went on for days – seeing
    her waiting there was
    unbearble. That’s definately
    an animal that lives up to its

  • Vampire Weather

    Wow. A touching thought. A sweet lament, dear jaded. Thank you for sharing

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