My Time

Get on your knees, it’s time to beg
You need to be knocked down a peg
It’s your turn to ask forgiveness
For all the ways that you transgress
Tables have turned, it’s my time to rule
I hope you’re ready to be the fool
Here’s your hat and here’s your suit
Gee now don’t you look so cute
The world will no longer laugh at me
Now you’re on display for all to see
So be prepared to entertain
As I pop open my champagne

About jadedheart

For those of you who stumble across this blog, I invite you to share your thoughts and feelings and know that you are welcome here. For those of you who identify with my writings, I hope you find something helpful buried within these thoughts. I invite you all to take a look around and hope you enjoy. View all posts by jadedheart

6 responses to “My Time

  • cottonbombs

    I like the celebratory tone of this. I may be overstepping the line of your average replier, but, I would challenge you to leave the rhymes that have bound you to your rhythms and free yourself to write poetry unencumbered and unbowed to such linear dimensions. Don’t be afraid to end a sentence with ‘orange’. It may take you somewhere new and juicy.

    • jadedheart

      LOL No worries, I welcome all criticism 🙂 As for the rhyming, what can I say? I’m a bit traditional at heart. Though I have tried writing without the rhymes the rhythm never sounds right to me and the thoughts don’t flow as they should in my head. As much as I enjoy the work of others, I can’t quite seem to capture the style the way they do.

  • granbee

    Jaded, while I myself LOVE cottonboms non-rhyming verses, I have found I really have to stretch more in concepts when I write in rhymes: it actually helps me say more in fewer words. Anyway, I hope the champagne was purchased by the one who is “now on display for all to see.”–because my feet are dancing right now with your nifty rhythms!

  • pointsthruprose

    Love this, once again I love the pace of your writing – quick and intelligent.

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