What If?

Who will be there when I fall
Will anyone care at all?
If I were to pass away
Would anyone mourn that day?
What if I just disappear
Would my absence cause you fear?

Whose fault would it really be
If I’m someone you don’t see
Can I blame the world around
When there’s no one to be found
If I choose to be alone
There’s no surprise I’m unknown

About jadedheart

For those of you who stumble across this blog, I invite you to share your thoughts and feelings and know that you are welcome here. For those of you who identify with my writings, I hope you find something helpful buried within these thoughts. I invite you all to take a look around and hope you enjoy. View all posts by jadedheart

6 responses to “What If?

  • Vampire Weather

    I often choose to be both alone and unknown. I can say for myself that I would experience fear if suddenly your posts vanish. I would wonder where you were and feel helpless to do anything, since I know no other way of contacting you. I would miss you

    • jadedheart

      Ahhh, but you are not unknown! There are so many of us that relate so much to your writings VW! And thank you, it’s very uplifting to know that you would miss me šŸ™‚ Perhaps I should add some contact info to my blog? I actually wrote this while watching a TV show about homeless people disappearing and almost no one noticing, it just made me think about those of us who choose solitude.

  • granbee

    Jaded, you betcha booties your absence would cause us fear! And we would simply have to band together, hire a hacker, and FIND YOU, contact info or no! Now, chosen solitude for purposes of personal development and spiritual growth through meditation, etc. is wonderfully connecting back to others in the long road. Be patient with yourself, dear jaded!

    • jadedheart

      Well gee granbee, tell me how you really feel! LOL Wow, thanks so much, it’s very comforting to know that there are those of you who care about me without even knowing me! šŸ˜€ You are absolutely correct, temporary solitude can be very good in finding peace and finding the correct path to take. Long term solitude is another thing. And with this community, I never feel completely alone šŸ™‚

  • unwrittentruth

    wow. really REALLY interesting take on solitude. amazing perspective you have. it’s somewhat sad, but incredibly insightful. 5stars here

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