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Icy Gaze

She stands there tall and proud
Far away from the crowd
Eyes shining defiantly
Brightly now for all to see
But there’s a coldness in her gaze
And her confidence it betrays
For those who bother to look within
They may see the fire that once had been
But the iciness now within her heart
Shows the ease with which she can fall apart

Days Gone By

She looks at what she’s become
At all she’s built that’s come undone
Memories still linger on
Of the days that are long gone
Of a life that she could not keep
She sees now only in her sleep
But still each day she puts on this show
How broken she is they’ll never know
She’ll smile and pretend everything’s right
But behind closed doors, tears still fall each night


Weakness I hide, only strength will I show
My pain and suffering you’ll never know
I’ll keep on the mask, maintain the façade
With head held high, face your firing squad
I’ll be there to save you any way I can
But who will save me, where is my superman?
When will I feel safe to let my tears flow
When will it be ok to just let go


Once again I disappear
Behind a mask, hide my fear
Let no one see what’s inside
The deepest truth’s, try to hide
Sadness I’ll hold deep within
Show no tears upon my skin
Wear no heart upon my sleeve
Though in my chest it will heave
There’s no weakness I will show
Where to hit they will not know
But can I keep this charade
How long till it starts to fade


She stands with defiance in her eyes
No longer does she believe the lies
Told by those she once held dear
Their true selves are now so clear
Deceit and betrayal are all they know
Their ugliness within starting to show
No longer can they hide behind their lies
She tears away each shred of their disguise
Having exposed them she walks away
Head held high, she’s no longer their prey

See Me

See me as I truly am
See beyond this growing damn
Look deeper than just what shows
Read into my simple prose
There’s so much more deep within
Than what shows upon my skin
Many pieces make a whole
If you dare to see my soul
The little things so unique
If you choose to take a peek


She watches the sun as it slowly sinks
In the fading light she quietly thinks
Of how she got here and what to do
How to escape she hasn’t a clue
But why does she run from something so real
When for the first time she can truly feel
Why does it scare her to let herself go
She’s so afraid to let her true self show
So vulnerable when others can see
All that it is that she can truly be


So tired of pretending
This facade seems unending
Keep this smile upon my face
As if the pain it does erase
I keep up this act not for me
But for others around to see
Easier to maintain that I’m content
Rather than explain this crawling descent
Into the madness of my mind
Where all my sorrow in confined
Hidden from a world that would rather not view
The darkness within that tries to break through

Just A Shadow

A mask

She walks along, alone and unknown
A stranger within this place of stone
Glancing only briefly at faces so cold
Their silent and harsh gazes she cannot hold
Their icy stares pass through her like a knife
As if she doesn’t exist in this life
She continues on with her head hung down so low
Drawing no attention, as if just a shadow
So many in life whose stories remain untold
Striving only to fit into some perfect mold
Like the others she will wear her mask
And in the moment they all will bask
Pretending for a time they are loved and known
Despite that their true selves are never shown


Crowded street

Surrounded by faces and unknown by them all
Stumbling in this sea of strangers, try not to fall
Secrets are kept and traits are hidden
Exposing our true selves feels forbidden
Walking through this life in isolation
Living each day in sheer resignation
To be unknown by all those around
Is a pain so deep the tears run down