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Try And Try

Go ahead, you can do your worst
I’m not the one who’ll end up cursed
You’ll lash out but you’ll always miss
I’ll always be better than this
You try to drag me into your hell
You think I’m living under your shell
But I’ve broken free, no longer yours
On that past I have closed all the doors
So try you may and try you might
I’m not dreaming of you tonight

To The Future

New adventures yet to come
To it all she will succumb
Taking chances once again
Changing all that she has been
With a life that shines anew
It is time to follow through
On promises she has made
To herself she had betrayed
Her future now hers alone
And she controls the unknown


Lean in close and listen well
To secrets I dare to tell
About my life and my story
And my rise and fall in glory
In all my words I will share
All I have within to bare
My true soul I will let you see
I will not sit by quietly
So read my words if you dare
And walk now into my lair

The Night It Died

original image by jonesor via flickr

You never knew how much I cried
The night that my love for you died
But goodbye was the only way
With you I could no longer stay
My soul in peril so I run
Back to where I can see the sun
Away from the dark cloudy skies
That existed within your eyes
I broke free of your downward spiral
Now your alone to face that trial
No longer can you drag me down
No longer do you have me bound


I’ve had enough, my patience gone
Been pushed past the line that was drawn
Simple words will no longer soothe me
No one is going to get off easy
Better get ready for the fight
I can see you shaking in fright
Order now I will maintain
Before my mind goes insane


Time to say goodbye
You won’t see me cry
This isn’t like before
Let me show you the door
You will not be welcomed back
Courage I no longer lack
If I see you again beware
I won’t give you time to prepare
For the new page I turned in my life
I will no longer cave in to strife
It’s on my own two feet that I now stand
It’s my life and you are not in command

My Time

Get on your knees, it’s time to beg
You need to be knocked down a peg
It’s your turn to ask forgiveness
For all the ways that you transgress
Tables have turned, it’s my time to rule
I hope you’re ready to be the fool
Here’s your hat and here’s your suit
Gee now don’t you look so cute
The world will no longer laugh at me
Now you’re on display for all to see
So be prepared to entertain
As I pop open my champagne

Something Inside

I feel something changing in me
No longer content will I be
Deception and betrayal have defined
This path I take, I am no longer blind
To the lies on which life is built
I will not be a slave to guilt
Though this life of mine has gone to hell
I refuse to be condemned to dwell
In the deepest pits of ash and flames
I’ll no longer play the devil’s games
Look upon me now and you will see
I’m done playing nice, I am now free

Step Back

I am no longer afraid of you
Who do you think you are talking to
I’m not the same one you knew before
I have grown to become so much more
The anger within I’ll no longer hold
I will take you down until you are cold
In these flames I have been reborn
No longer bowing to your scorn
The power is now held by me
Time to open your eyes and see
Look now upon what you have made
In the bed you make you’ll be laid

Carry On

Reliving horrors day after day
A nightmare that never goes away
Try as I might to forget that pain
Upon my soul it has left a stain
But all that was shapes all that will
Until the day that time stands still
Though horrors pass and nightmares fade
Wisps will remain in what they’ve made
So further on will I proceed
And to failure I won’t concede