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Perfect Night

Your warmth I feel so close to me
Causing shivers you cannot see
With passion you kiss me, pull me near
The sweetest words whispered in my ear
Our hands are clasped so very tight
As we welcome this perfect night
We watch as the sun fades from the sky
Staring deeply in each others eye
Our time together just begun
From this feeling we will not run

Growing Hunger

Once again her hunger grows
Upon her prey she will close
In the night she will stalk
Eyes as sharp as a hawk
Looking for one to satisfy
Fulfill her needs and gratify
Upon his soul she will feast
Letting loose her inner beast
But her heart he could steal
Her weakness he’ll reveal


We were once so innocent
But our fall was imminent
From grace we have descended
Into lives unintended
Here we’ll find so much more
As we seek to explore
All the things once forbidden
We are free to envision
So take my hand, do not fear
Let me wipe away that tear
Lie with me beneath the stars
And see the world is now ours

For Tonight

Tonight I need you to love me
Like I am your one and only
I want to feel your need
In every loving deed
Let me feel passion in your kiss
And in each lingering caress
I want to feel the earth stand still
And feel time stop with every chill
So hold me close and kiss me sweet
Together we can be complete


original By gr33n3gg via Flickr

Open your eyes and you’ll see
All that I could ever be
I could be oh so much more
Than you give me credit for
There is so much that I could give
If you gave love a chance to live
Between these hearts that beat tonight
There could be passion that burns bright
Passion hotter than the sun above
That is fueled by an eternal love


Temptation rages deep within
Resistance becomes oh so thin
Take my hand, together we’ll fall
Into all of which does enthrall
Do not seek safety and do not run
Do not ask for this to be undone
Together here we’ll find delight
As we dance our way through the night
So let temptation now take hold
And let our dreams slowly unfold

A Wish

In your arms I wish to be
Feel your warmth pressed next to me
Your kisses so sweet against my skin
Thinking this is where I should have been
All my life and I can only pray
That in my arms you will always stay
Accepting me for all I can be
And all the ways you set me free


The wind blows gently through her hair
Quietly she hopes that he’ll dare
Brush away the strands upon her face
And so stopping time within this place
To feel his touch a moment longer
As her feelings for him grow stronger
With each passing tick of that invisible clock
The secrets of her heart his soft touch will unlock
So eager she is to give him her all
She forgets about the pain of the fall

Where There’s Smoke

The smoke rises up and fills the air
It blots out the sun without a care
This fire that burns so intense
And all around us they can sense
The heat of passion that we hold
These flames that burn so uncontrolled
Consuming all that’s in the way
Ensuring that our love will stay

Tempered Passion

Passion runs hot through these veins
But it’s tempered by the rains
Falling quietly from these eyes
That some days reflect dark gray skies
But the rain has not doused these flames
They are something that never tames
When these tears dry they will burn bright
Once again lighting up the night
It will burn hotter than before
This sweet passion that you adore