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Deafening Silence

Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Hear No Evil

She cries for help but to her dismay
No one hears for they all turn away
Their eyes are closed to the pain she sustains
Blind to each strike though evidence remains
They are deaf to the screams that ring in the night
That voice that calls out in such anguish and fright
No one speaks up or comes to her aid
No one steps in to end the tirade
The screams will become silent, over at last
But silence is now deafening and so vast
They convince themselves that they bear no guilt
Her blood that night wasn’t by their hand spilt

Life and Death

Life and Death live within these veins
Constant struggle but neither reigns
One will rise, the other will fall
Still both exist to heed the call
Life will heed to all that is good
Rising from ashes where it once stood
Reigning so brightly where it was once dark
Bringing so much to a site that was stark
But its reign will never last long
And soon more anguish will end its song
For the call of sorrow will bring forth Death
In one fell swoop taking all Life’s breath
This new reign so dark and desolate
Making the end seem so definite
But this anguish will one day fade
And so Death’s reign will then be swayed
Once more the power will shift
In and out their reigns will drift