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Hide My Tears

How she wishes for tears from the sky
To hide those that she so longs to cry
So that there are none who would see
That her soul holds such tragedy
But though tragedy exists within
It’s balanced by light that’s always been
The light at times may not be seen
Or may at times be just a sheen
But trust that it will never go out
Despite the tears she may cry in doubt

Black and White or Maybe Gray

This life is not black and white
Shades of gray dance in the light
All that’s good is balanced with bad
But in between things have gone mad
The shadows dance in and out
Creating the source of doubt
The doubt that hinders moving on
That hides from sight the coming dawn
So I must fight and overcome
Or to darkness I will succumb


Giving my all but to a fault
Giving so much that I must halt
For the more I give the more I lose
So for my sanity I must choose
Continue to give more than I receive
Give more than any other can conceive
Or do I hold back and limit my gifts
And wait for a time when the giving shifts
But then I may wait till the end of time
For the balance that I would find sublime