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adapted from Shattered by hebedesign via flickr

Wanting two things so far apart
One of body and one of heart
But I’m not ready to give my heart away
And even though I wish that I could say
That I am ready to find something that’s true
My heart isn’t the only thing black and blue
My trust has been shattered
And the pieces scattered
Though I try so hard to rebuild
To do it alone I’m not skilled


I feel so broken deep within
And succumbing to all that’s been
Wishing that my smiles could last
But they fade into the past
The images that plague my mind
Are always far away from kind
They break me more each and every day
I wish each night they would go away
But the stars above don’t hear my cries
And my hope for release slowly dies


Dreams lie shattered in the sand
Broken by the fateful hand
The pieces are many and spread so far
Shining like pieces of a splintered star
Attempts to make them whole falter and fail
So many pieces missing, hope grows pale
This puzzle now may never be complete
So with forlorn sigh she concedes defeat