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Dance With Me

Be the man I need you to be
And promises you make to me
Keep them close and keep them true
Like I’ll always do for you
And all of those things that you say
Don’t let those feelings fade away
Let’s keep them fresh and keep them new
So we don’t see a shade of blue
Let’s take the risk and the chance
And forever we will dance

Held Steady

She breathes deeper every day
Clouds above no longer gray
The storm has passed and she still stands
She’s held steady now by his hands
They promise to catch her should she fall
In those hands she has no fear at all
She’ll take chances she swore never to take
With him by her side a new life they’ll make
In each other’s arms each night they’ll lay
And together they will greet each day


Mistakes of the past haunt her still
Turning hope to a bitter pill
She fears to swallow, for what may be
Disappointment cut so jaggedly
To give her heart, watch it break once more
Is simply more than she can endure
But can she live with the regret
Of not taking this one last bet

Second Glance

Eyes as deep as the ocean floor
Always seeking, looking for more
Full of wonder, but full of doubt
Always looking for a way out
The seek solace and they seek peace
Within this life they seek release
Pain and suffering all around
And there’s so much hope that has drowned
They see all the world can do
And they shed a tear at the view
But they wait, give another chance
The world’s not seen in just one glance

To The Future

New adventures yet to come
To it all she will succumb
Taking chances once again
Changing all that she has been
With a life that shines anew
It is time to follow through
On promises she has made
To herself she had betrayed
Her future now hers alone
And she controls the unknown


There’s something out there, I just know
And it will make me smile so
How can I settle for something less
If I know it will cause me distress
I’d rather be sorry for things I’ve lost
Than to spend my days paying the high cost
For something that isn’t what I want
Be trapped by resentment that would haunt
Let my mind now be truly free
So chances out there I can see

Doors Of The Heart

I’m old enough, or so they say
To know when I should walk away
But it’s so hard to close a door
That has let love come through before
Closing a door takes away chance
That I might get that one last dance
But now that door is closed and locked
There is another that’s not blocked
And when upon it I hear a tap
It’s free to open beyond a gap