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She stand now, with head held high
A presence they can’t deny
But that presence changed from before
No longer a purr, now a roar
Darkness lingers in her eyes
That once were blue as the skies
But that darkness is not a sign
Of a soul that is in decline
The dark within she has embraced
And her heart will not be erased
Love is something that she still knows
And hate within no longer grows
But her heart can only give so much
While it is waiting for light’s sweet touch

Something Inside

I feel something changing in me
No longer content will I be
Deception and betrayal have defined
This path I take, I am no longer blind
To the lies on which life is built
I will not be a slave to guilt
Though this life of mine has gone to hell
I refuse to be condemned to dwell
In the deepest pits of ash and flames
I’ll no longer play the devil’s games
Look upon me now and you will see
I’m done playing nice, I am now free