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Brighter Days

The darkest clouds they come and go
What each day brings we never know
But darker days carry such fear
Bringing storms that are so severe
Making brighter days seem so far
From the lonely place where we are
On the horizon there’s no light
But in time it will shine so bright

The Storm

In the distance thunder rumbles
And from the clouds lightning tumbles
The smell of rain clings to the breeze
The clouds move swiftly with such ease
The storm is building and moving near
A darkening sky that once was clear
Upon this place its fury released
Ravaging all like a hungry beast
Then vanishing off in the distance
Taking all trace of its existence

Soaring Free

Oh how she aches to be free
From all of life’s tragedy
To grow wings and fly away
Into skies not touched by gray
Where she could soar way up high
Touch the sun that lights the sky
Visit the moon and the stars
Have them erase all her scars
Feeling freedom on her face
As she finally takes her place
Among the clouds, soft and white
Where she can dance with delight
But she wakes and finds again
This life that she’s trapped within

In The Shadows

Clouds move across the sky the way they move across my heart
Casting shadows where once there was light until they break apart
Light comes and light goes, in patterns large and small
Sometimes lasting, other times brief, more shadows fall
Always seeking the light, knowing that somewhere it can be found
Seeking the warmth it gives when those clouds no longer have it bound
Feeling so hopeless at times with no end to the clouds in sight
Losing faith in the ability to continue this fight
Looking again to the sky, watch as the clouds suddenly part
Find the same within myself, there is light still within this heart