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Hold me tight, never let me go
And let’s give the whole world a show
Let’s show them how the craziest plans
Can make so much sense in loving hands
Let them tell us we’re fools to even try
And that in the end we will only cry
But the tears we shed will be in joy
And the love we feel they can’t destroy
Together we will always overcome
And only to our hearts will we succumb


Some days I feel that I may be
On the brink of insanity
Or perhaps I’ve already crossed that line
And it’s ok because I feel just fine
I’ve joined the rest of the world out there
Where there’s no sanity left to spare
We’ve all gone off the deep end I say
Our minds have certainly gone astray
Why else would we live this life?
That’s full of such certain strife?
Surely we must all be crazy
Either that or we’re just lazy