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Inside of her mind she tries to scream
As tears on her face begin to stream
But no sound is uttered from her lips
The breath from her chest this moment strips
Suffocating, she falls to her knees
As strength from her body quickly flees
The moment passes, panic subsides
But the dull ache within still resides
A deep jagged breath she slowly takes
As the nightmare fades and she awakes

Hide My Tears

How she wishes for tears from the sky
To hide those that she so longs to cry
So that there are none who would see
That her soul holds such tragedy
But though tragedy exists within
It’s balanced by light that’s always been
The light at times may not be seen
Or may at times be just a sheen
But trust that it will never go out
Despite the tears she may cry in doubt

Falling Forevermore

Where were you when I needed you
I was so alone, falling through
To a hell that I couldn’t see
A place that no one wants to be
Where were you when the tears I cried
That were caused by all those who lied
Fell unseen to the darkest pit
With no bottom to ever hit
And so they fell forevermore
Never hitting a solid floor

The Night It Died

original image by jonesor via flickr

You never knew how much I cried
The night that my love for you died
But goodbye was the only way
With you I could no longer stay
My soul in peril so I run
Back to where I can see the sun
Away from the dark cloudy skies
That existed within your eyes
I broke free of your downward spiral
Now your alone to face that trial
No longer can you drag me down
No longer do you have me bound

Losing Fight

The pain inside I must keep
Tears internal I must weep
I must show no fear
Or bow to their sneer
Weakness they seek
And lives so bleak
To wreak havoc upon
It is tears they feed on
Taking pleasure from my pain
And the power that they gain
These devils now rejoice
To my weakening voice
How much longer can I withstand
This brutal attack that’s at hand
My strength is waning
Though I keep straining
Against their roaring will
Until my heart beats still