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She stands with defiance in her eyes
No longer does she believe the lies
Told by those she once held dear
Their true selves are now so clear
Deceit and betrayal are all they know
Their ugliness within starting to show
No longer can they hide behind their lies
She tears away each shred of their disguise
Having exposed them she walks away
Head held high, she’s no longer their prey

Loving in Denial

Loving someone can be so hard to define
Is it who they are or their deceptive design?
De we ever know more than the part they play?
Can we find out the truth before they betray?
Why do we choose to believe the lies they tell
To live in some fantasy that turns to hell
Knowing what the outcome will always be
We still close our eyes so that we won’t see
The truth that hides just out of sight
Keeping itself out of the light