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I lie here in the moon’s gentle light
Quietly savoring the delight
Of its presence up in the sky
As wisps of clouds just pass it by
Wait so patient for its return
That sweet soft light for which I yearn
It gives a glow to the world around
A magical touch upon the ground
The dew reflecting oh so bright
I lose myself within its sight


I alone must face this fear
That looks at me with a sneer
It’s dark eyes dancing with delight
Seeing the vulnerable sight
It sees me weak and deep in thought
The perfect prey that it has sought
No walls of defense to stop its attack
It sees no doors or locks to hold it back
Now it approaches with such speed
I’m given no time to recede
To a place within my mind
Where this fear will never find
So now this fear I must confront
Put an end to its silent hunt