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Just Hold Her

He lies beside her watching as she dreams
All he can do is hold her when she screams
He watches her close as the dreams begin
He knows she is fighting demons within
Their causes and source she’s never revealed
The tragedy of past she keeps concealed
He aches so deep to fight in her place
So this pain one day she can erase
So each night he holds her tighter still
Until that day peace he can instill


A smile dark with maniacal grin
Cold runs slowly across your tender skin
Fear grips like never before
Never knowing what’s in store
Heart beats faster as time creeps by
Stopping once for a distant cry
Demons breaking through from down below
With some dark gift they wish to bestow
Though invisible now, not for long
So listen close for their mournful song
Run and hide if they draw near
If faced with them show no fear

Hell In Her Eyes

In her reflection she sees Hell in her eyes
The flames are dancing as the seek out their prize
Her soul in peril from their silent attack
Those green eyes fading as she tries to fight back
Darkness taking hold so deep within
Struggling against her own past sin
Seeking escape from these demons so dark
And this place they drag her that is so stark
This fight never ends but her spirit stays strong
Knowing that to this place she does not belong
She will break free one day, though she when she knows not
These flames will burn to ashes and be forgot