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Through The Storm

Her heart has survived through the storm
She held tight to its fragile form
The damage she tries to repair
Scrubbing away all the despair
All the anger and all the hate
She washes away to create
A brand new story for her soul
A story where she’ll be made whole
Never again will she look back
At the time the skies were black

When The Walls Fall

Walls fall down all around
Rising dust from the ground
When the dust will clear, what remains
But some rubble and broken chains
All that held us back is now gone
And a new day starts with the dawn
But some dust remains in the air
It leaves hints of doubt and despair
And it lingers for too long
Even though we know it’s wrong


Anger seething below the surface
Defiance in her eyes is endless
For all the pain that broke her soul
She has mended and is now whole
She has mended stronger than before
A wall of stone now protects her core
Hatred now flows through these veins
For all the hurt and the pains
Caused by those who do not care
They shatter lives, cause despair
But no more will she take
From those who cause such ache