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How It Should Be

Make her feel safe, not suffer fear
Make her smile, not shed a tear
Your hands should never bring her pain
She will not live tied to a chain
Lives should be shared and not controlled
A real man needs not to be told
Tender love is all he should give
So in dread she won’t have to live

Deafening Silence

Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Hear No Evil

She cries for help but to her dismay
No one hears for they all turn away
Their eyes are closed to the pain she sustains
Blind to each strike though evidence remains
They are deaf to the screams that ring in the night
That voice that calls out in such anguish and fright
No one speaks up or comes to her aid
No one steps in to end the tirade
The screams will become silent, over at last
But silence is now deafening and so vast
They convince themselves that they bear no guilt
Her blood that night wasn’t by their hand spilt


Woman series #1

She wakes in a haze, the betrayal still burning hot
Memories seared in her mind, her stomach in a knot
Pain is running through her from head to toe
Agony in her heart, moving so slow
Looking in the mirror, and another’s face peers back
This can’t be her own – the swelling, bruises so black
Apologies fall from his lips, he loves her so
Wincing from his touch, she can remember each blow
His love he delivered with such a force and rage
Apologies ring empty, they do not assuage
This boundary crossed she can never forgive
With this betrayal so deep she can’t live
What was done that night can never be undone
She walks away and her tears fall one by one

don't walk away from me now.