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Your gentle touch and soft kiss
So many things that I miss
To have you there by my side
Knowing I could never hide
You always saw me for all I was
All of the good and all of the flaws
You did not judge, you did not condemn
You just loved me for all that I am
Time has passed and years gone by
Do we get another try?
A chance to hope and to dream
That our love we can redeem

Living Dreams

Dreams that fade in the light
But return every night
To keep them alive she must sleep
Allow herself to fall so deep
Into a slumber everlasting
But outside time is ever passing
There’s so much that she would miss
If she stayed in dreamy bliss
So she knows she must wake
Dreams in life she can make


Seasons come and seasons go
With a perpetual flow
Like the oceans rise and fall
Heeding to the lunar call
And the sun will rise and set
On a path that’s just offset
My dreams the same, I watch them fade
Although their price I thought I paid
With my blood and with my tears
And all I’ve lost through the years
But it seems Fate still wants more
To give me what I ask for


Temptation rages deep within
Resistance becomes oh so thin
Take my hand, together we’ll fall
Into all of which does enthrall
Do not seek safety and do not run
Do not ask for this to be undone
Together here we’ll find delight
As we dance our way through the night
So let temptation now take hold
And let our dreams slowly unfold

These Dreams

Seeing your face, feeling your kiss
Your gentle touch is what I miss
I feel you with me in my dreams
Keep me from ripping at the seams
Counting days till I see you once more
And hear your sweet voice that I adore
To give you the love that you deserve
And so each moment we will preserve
To dream once more till I see you next
So sweet are these dreams and their effects

If She Knew

Words fall softly from her lips
And once again his heart skips
Her voice so full of love and pain
He wishes he could stop the rain
She reaches out but is so far away
To reach those arms any price he would pay
Her heart breaks again as she sits alone
Would have stopped her pain if he had just known
As the hour wanes she succumbs to sleep
And within his dreams she will never weep
If she only knew the love he felt
Into his arms she would surely melt

Who I Wish To Be

In the haze of my dreams I see
The person that I wish to be
I see her strength and her will
Going through life with such skill
She bends to no one, holds her head high
Her eyes as clear as the open sky
No clouds linger in her gaze
And her sweet heart never strays
From the path it has chosen to take
A heart so strong it will never break
And each day I will strive to be
This person in the haze I see

The Best I Can Do

I do the best that I can do
To live my life and to come through
All the pitfalls that are in my way
Without me going too far astray
But within this maze so hard to find
Those you can trust and who will be kind
I’ll keep searching, I know they exist
Just out of sight, somewhere in the mist
Hiding with my dreams just beyond my grasp
But one day soon all of it I will clasp

No Rest

Darkness sets in but sleep evades me
Into my dreams I wish to be set free
The sweet escape is all that I seek
Yet my prospects are seeming so bleak
Though the hour wanes my eyes stay wide
Seeking rest that continues to hide
“No rest for the wicked” the saying does go
What my misdeed could have been I do not know
Refuge from this weary world I implore
But my pleas fall unanswered to the floor

Forgotten Hopes

The shadows fall long across the ground
The day is fading without a sound
The sun falls low in the sky
Stars appear to catch your eye
Looking up to hopes that were lost
Thinking back on the problems crossed
So much in our lives we have conquered
Yet we feel our dreams are not answered
We stop looking at those stars above
Forgetting there’s any hope for love
Those tiny lights we used to dream upon
Flickering and fading until their gone
Once we forget to look up high
Those distant hopes will fade and die