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Silent Words

His whispered words echo in her mind
A sweet memory that is so kind
In a world that feels so dark
Lighting her path with its spark
Though his face she doesn’t know
In her dreams his soul does glow
His gentle words they soothe her heart
Touching pieces that fell apart
He knows not the power that he holds
Or the healing effect that unfolds
She holds his presence oh so dear
Letting it erase all her fear

Upon The Breeze

Wind blowing softly through the air
Passing us by without a care
Lifting the leaves from off the ground
Their rustling is the only sound
Standing here quietly we look to the sky
Looking for our dreams that may have passed us by
Within this breeze were they carried away?
Could they ever come back to us one day?
Perhaps they were taken to another place
To someone else more deserving of their grace
The wind dies down and the leaves they fall
Leaving us alone, feeling so small

Safety of the Night

The darkness soft, like a lover’s embrace
Keeping her warm with all its silent grace
Wrapping her tightly each night for sleep
Taking her to dreams that lie so deep
Keeping her safe from the nightmare of day
And the events that bring her such dismay
But the safety of the night lasts only so long
And in these dreams forever she does not belong

Sweet Escape Lost

Oh to drift into that blissful sleep
Where worries fade as I fall so deep
And mind is clear of all life’s weight
Dreams are sweet and there is no hate
To fall into such a sweet embrace
Where happiness is all that I chase
Where fear and sadness have no place
Seeking sanctuary in that space
But that peaceful bliss continues to elude me
And these long nights seem to remain a certainty

Cries in the Dark


Waking in the night and reaching out
Seeking some solace to soothe this doubt
To soothe the fear of a dream lost in the haze
To find comfort in anothers touch and gaze
But in the dark I just keep reaching
No touch to find, my cries beseeching
No one to hear them, alone in the dark
Fall back into sleep and dreamscapes so stark