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It never changes, everyone lies
The world will spin and everyone dies
But when we’re gone will we leave a mark
Or will our lives fade into the dark
Would anyone notice when I’m gone
Or would they forget me with the dawn
If I stepped back from all I know
Would they notice I didn’t show
Just a shadow upon this life
Finally bowing to all the strife

The Beast

His fangs so long, glow so bright
As they are bared to the light
They are strong and they are fierce
Into your flesh they will pierce
Across forked tongue flames will roll
Inside lives a darkened soul
His wings now spread open wide
Your fear quaking deep inside
Upon your knees you await
Which death will become your fate
Will it be by glossy teeth
Sharp as sword pulled from its sheath
Or by claws that rip and tear
With anger that will not spare
Would the fire now consume
Bringing forth your certain doom
And those wings that blot the sun
Surely show your death’s begun
For your trespass you will pay
This will be your dying day
See the beast you stand before
And hear now the dragon’s roar

The Night It Died

original image by jonesor via flickr

You never knew how much I cried
The night that my love for you died
But goodbye was the only way
With you I could no longer stay
My soul in peril so I run
Back to where I can see the sun
Away from the dark cloudy skies
That existed within your eyes
I broke free of your downward spiral
Now your alone to face that trial
No longer can you drag me down
No longer do you have me bound