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fallen angel - flickr by patrickrigon

Seeking answers and finding none
Still the questions are never done
Always pressing upon her mind
Always leaving her feeling blind
Eyes are open but without sight
Ever looking to find the light
But darkness prevails day to day
So in it’s embrace she will lay


She opens the door, invites it in
This lonely girl with the palest skin
The hollowness within grows each day
And so she will beg for it to stay
To help fill this void that’s inside
This emptiness that she can’t hide
To stop this numbness that overtakes
And to once more feel a heart that aches
She’ll embrace the misery and the pain
She’ll invite it in and she’ll let it reign

Sweet Dreams

I feel your touch in my dreams each night
Your sweet kisses in the morning light
I feel your arms around me in that dreamy haze
Losing myself in the deepness of your sweet gaze
Feeling refuge from the world when I lie here with you
All pain and fear fade away when it is just us two
But night will always fade into day
With the sun’s light your face fades away
Once again I’m left to wonder who you may be
And when will be the day that your face I will see

Embrace The Cold


Darkness thrives as the light begins to fade
Shadows closing in where brightness once laid
Clouds roll in, taking the light of the stars and moon
Only blackness seeps through and so spreads it’s gloom
Creeping deeper still, the blackness filling you inside
Try to run and escape but there is nowhere to hide
Seeing the world through eyes of despair
Loss of faith and desire to care
Surrender to the bleakness and embrace the cold touch
Accept what has come to be, this new world that is so much


This was the last poem I wrote while I was in college and truthfully the last one I had written until just the other day.  Yes, as I’ve been posting these previous writings of mine I have gotten inspired to write again.  I have a few more older poems I will be posting, but after that it will all be new ones.  With luck, I will stay inspired and continue writing as I had forgotten how much I really enjoy it.