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Make Our Escape

Come now and let’s make our escape
Letting a new future take shape
We’ll leave behind worries and fear
For a horizon that’s so clear
Let us drown in each other’s eyes
Be immune to the world’s demise
As it crashes around our feet
From the rubble we will retreat
We will conquer and we will thrive
And together we will survive


original By Colin-47 via Flickr

I want to be free of all this pain
To remove this shackle and this chain
Tired of my heart being filled with doubt
Tired of hearing my soul scream and shout
I want frustration to disappear
From my life so that my future’s clear
But as each problem seems to fade
Another in my life is made
There is no escape from the strife
I must accept it’s part of life


She watches the sun as it slowly sinks
In the fading light she quietly thinks
Of how she got here and what to do
How to escape she hasn’t a clue
But why does she run from something so real
When for the first time she can truly feel
Why does it scare her to let herself go
She’s so afraid to let her true self show
So vulnerable when others can see
All that it is that she can truly be

Out Of Reach

Some days I feel myself coming undone
The fabric of my soul begs me to run
To seek shelter in some quiet place
To somewhere that no one will give chase
Maybe an island off in the distance
Where no one will know of my existence
Or maybe a mountain way up high
Somewhere so close to touching the sky
Or a forest so quiet and grim
A place forgotten and growing dim
But such an escape is out of my reach
Though someday I will find my quiet beach

If I Stay

If I stay within this place
All I am will be erased
The darkness would consume my heart
And my soul would be ripped apart
So I search for my escape
For an idea to take shape
That would lead me away from here
And make all that’s dark disappear

Hell In Her Eyes

In her reflection she sees Hell in her eyes
The flames are dancing as the seek out their prize
Her soul in peril from their silent attack
Those green eyes fading as she tries to fight back
Darkness taking hold so deep within
Struggling against her own past sin
Seeking escape from these demons so dark
And this place they drag her that is so stark
This fight never ends but her spirit stays strong
Knowing that to this place she does not belong
She will break free one day, though she when she knows not
These flames will burn to ashes and be forgot

If I Had Wings To Fly

There is an emptiness inside I can’t seem to fill
How long has it been here hiding so silent and still?
The void growing larger and days turn to years
A darkness that’s all-consuming fed by these tears
Stumbling through this life with no destination
Fearing each day there’s no escape from damnation
So broken inside that I may beyond repair
Sinking lower under the weight of my own despair
Yet each day I reach out for a rescue that remains out of sight
Hoping for wings that will fly me to that imperceptible light