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Dream To Hope

She dreams to hope once again
To feel something deep within
For numbness and cold to finally pass
No longer to just look through the glass
At a world happy and content
To finally feel that she is meant
To feel all the things that others feel
To finally know what it is to heal

Waiting No More

Behind those eyes so pure and deep
So many secrets that they keep
Feelings are veiled and truth is hidden
And entry within is forbidden
Though she’s waited to be allowed in
Her patience is starting to wear thin
Her life she won’t just put on hold
So she can be treated so cold
She’s fought in battles and she’s survived
And countless times she has been deprived
So don’t count on her waiting anymore
She’s already starting to close the door

In These Eyes

Look deep now within these eyes
All I feel I can’t disguise
And I see it in your eyes too
Such passion, such love, shining through
There’s no words that I can say
That a kiss would not convey
So let the silence linger on
And hold me tight until the dawn

Dance With Me

Be the man I need you to be
And promises you make to me
Keep them close and keep them true
Like I’ll always do for you
And all of those things that you say
Don’t let those feelings fade away
Let’s keep them fresh and keep them new
So we don’t see a shade of blue
Let’s take the risk and the chance
And forever we will dance


Your voice resonates in my mind
Softly ringing and unconfined
So many words are still unspoken
Longing for that lock to be broken
To hear all those words that you write
As I see your face in new light
To feel your touch and know you are real
To know you share everything I feel
By the look shining in your eye
And lips releasing that soft sigh
When you pull me close and whisper low
That from my eyes no more tears will flow
You make my heart finally whole
Starting a fire within my soul


She closes her eyes and breathes so deep
Holding these feelings she aches to keep
Feeling her heart beating quicker
As the haze of dreams grows thicker
This love in her heart will never fade
As memories so sweet are replayed
In her dreams, asleep or awake
Her smile grows, there’s no mistake
In his arms is where she’s meant to be
And so she waits for him patiently


A smile grows upon my lips
A thought so sweet that never slips
A flood brought on by a single song
Of memories that still run so strong
Of day and nights that passed so quick
And feelings that once flowed so thick
But distance and silence made them fade
Until once more that sweet song was played
Once again those ghosts return
Bringing back that slow sweet burn
And thoughts of you now haunt my mind
In a way that is more than kind


The wind blows gently through her hair
Quietly she hopes that he’ll dare
Brush away the strands upon her face
And so stopping time within this place
To feel his touch a moment longer
As her feelings for him grow stronger
With each passing tick of that invisible clock
The secrets of her heart his soft touch will unlock
So eager she is to give him her all
She forgets about the pain of the fall

The Life We Lost

Stepping out of my norm for a moment, this was written in dedication of a certain person going though a very difficult time.  I will not name names but I know that you will know who you are.  I feel the pain you are going through and I hope this helps and don’t ever forget to smile and breath and go slowly.

Morning mist on Lake Mapourika, New Zealand.

In a place I never expected to be
Everything I know so far away from me
Lost in these thoughts that haunt my mind
Feeling as if I have been blind
How did I miss all the signs you gave
Living my life as if in a cave
But now I see all that was hidden
The truth that I felt was forbidden
Still so much more for me to learn
Like for what it is that you yearn
And though I wish all our problems could be done
That once more we could be here breathing as one
The center of my life now must be
Those sweet faces that look up to me