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No Surrender

ice - flickr by DesolationSmile

He can feel the ice that runs in her veins
But he holds the key to unlock her chains
To ignite the fire that burns so cold
And see all her secrets as they unfold
She fights against it with all of her might
But within she knows it’s a losing fight
Though this may be one she’d rather not win
She can’t surrender and she can’t give in


I’ve had enough, my patience gone
Been pushed past the line that was drawn
Simple words will no longer soothe me
No one is going to get off easy
Better get ready for the fight
I can see you shaking in fright
Order now I will maintain
Before my mind goes insane


cadena rota

Finding within myself the strength to fight
Against the chains of fear binding the light
That burns within my heart and in my soul
Seeking freedom to feel despite the toll
To allow my heart to fly once again
Keep it open to chance despite the pain
To again take those leaps of faith into the unknown
To be fearless once more in places no path is shown
Freedom from this dreary existence I seek
Fighting against all in life that has turned bleak