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Waiting No More

Behind those eyes so pure and deep
So many secrets that they keep
Feelings are veiled and truth is hidden
And entry within is forbidden
Though she’s waited to be allowed in
Her patience is starting to wear thin
Her life she won’t just put on hold
So she can be treated so cold
She’s fought in battles and she’s survived
And countless times she has been deprived
So don’t count on her waiting anymore
She’s already starting to close the door

Against The Odds

The waves crash hard against the cliff
A cold wind blows that is so stiff
A deserted spot looking so bleak
High upon this solitary peak
A lonely flower blows in the breeze
It’s fighting to live against the freeze
And day to day it will stay strong
Against all odds it will live long

Losing Fight

The pain inside I must keep
Tears internal I must weep
I must show no fear
Or bow to their sneer
Weakness they seek
And lives so bleak
To wreak havoc upon
It is tears they feed on
Taking pleasure from my pain
And the power that they gain
These devils now rejoice
To my weakening voice
How much longer can I withstand
This brutal attack that’s at hand
My strength is waning
Though I keep straining
Against their roaring will
Until my heart beats still