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From The Ashes

fallen angel - flickr by chiaralily

Through the chaos of her life
All the struggles and the strife
She’s risen up from the ash
Though pale and weak from the crash
The flames still licking at her feet
Despite her fear there’s no retreat
She must go on, she can’t sit still
Lest the fire consume her will
Strength is hers, she must hold it tight
So it may bring her to the light

Fading Smoke

Smoke rises up as the flames burn low
Giving the last of their precious glow
The warmth is gone as the embers turn cold
Nothing left to give, nothing left to hold
The smoke drifts away without a care
Quietly vanishing in the air
Until nothing’s left, no sign of the flames
And once more the night this darkness reclaims

Within The Flames

The flames consume all in its way
Making the night as bright as day
But the fire is nothing to fear
Though you feel the heat as it draws near
Watch as it dances in the sky
Finding such freedom there up high
Moving and swaying without a care
Breathing and sighing in the night air
Don’t live your life hiding in ice
These flames of love may not come twice
So in your heart let the fire burn
And in your soul let freedom return

Tempered Passion

Passion runs hot through these veins
But it’s tempered by the rains
Falling quietly from these eyes
That some days reflect dark gray skies
But the rain has not doused these flames
They are something that never tames
When these tears dry they will burn bright
Once again lighting up the night
It will burn hotter than before
This sweet passion that you adore

Hidden Flame

Her mind slips and her will falters
And once again her dream alters
Once so sure of what her future held
All love from her heart she expelled
Yet a sliver must have remained
And hidden away it sustained
Now again it pleads to grow
Through her dreams it wants to flow
She fights fiercely to keep it tame
But deep within she feels its flame
Aching to burn with each passing day
And soon she knows it will have its way

Rising Flame

Flames of ice rise from her heart
Billowing high from the start
Once they burned so hot and fierce
Now within the ice does pierce
Growing colder with each day
Reaching further with its sway
Rising higher, they consume
All that’s holding back the gloom
Ice blue flames the only light
That warm glow nowhere in sight
Forevermore this flame will rise
Shining through her pale green eyes

Hell In Her Eyes

In her reflection she sees Hell in her eyes
The flames are dancing as the seek out their prize
Her soul in peril from their silent attack
Those green eyes fading as she tries to fight back
Darkness taking hold so deep within
Struggling against her own past sin
Seeking escape from these demons so dark
And this place they drag her that is so stark
This fight never ends but her spirit stays strong
Knowing that to this place she does not belong
She will break free one day, though she when she knows not
These flames will burn to ashes and be forgot