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I want to make you fall in love with me
Every single day for eternity
And wake each morning to your touch
And to your kiss that says so much
Let me sleep each night in your arms
As I succumb to all your charms
So into forever let us go
Where our love will never cease to flow

Forever Burning

As the quiet night settles in
I sit and think of all that’s been
But thoughts will wander and they will drift
And to thoughts of you is where they shift
A saving grace, a shining light
That brightens up the darkest night
And you saved this heart from a fate
Of never knowing all that’s great
So now it pulses in the fire
Of all your unending desire
In those flames I want to stay
Through forever and a day


Tonight once more I will lay
With dreams full of what you say
The words playing in my head
The sweetest dreams are now thread
Of forever spent next to you
And all our wishes coming true
Each day waking in your sweet embrace
Gentle kisses that make my heart race