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Fading Smoke

Smoke rises up as the flames burn low
Giving the last of their precious glow
The warmth is gone as the embers turn cold
Nothing left to give, nothing left to hold
The smoke drifts away without a care
Quietly vanishing in the air
Until nothing’s left, no sign of the flames
And once more the night this darkness reclaims

In The Rain

Rain drips down, cleansing the air
Moving slowly and with care
Falling softly upon their skin
Others head for shelter within
Yet there they stand, the only two
Each other’s eyes their only view
Lost in a moment, no notice of
The rain that’s falling so high above
The clouds subside and the sun shines down
And on her head glows a glistening crown

Fading Flame

The flames are sinking low
No longer do they glow
So brightly against the sky
Or fiercely within her eye
As that fire becomes subdued
All that she is she must conclude
Has faded more than she thought
Now she finds herself distraught
No way to feed this fire
As it falls from the pyre

Gentle Gaze

Her shoulders caressed by the moonlight
Her face glowing softly in this night
Just the sight of her takes his breath away
The beauty of her soul turns night to day
Her bright eyes make the sun rise
And brightens these dreary skies
Feeling his stare she looks up to see
His gentle face that will set her free