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The Night It Died

original image by jonesor via flickr

You never knew how much I cried
The night that my love for you died
But goodbye was the only way
With you I could no longer stay
My soul in peril so I run
Back to where I can see the sun
Away from the dark cloudy skies
That existed within your eyes
I broke free of your downward spiral
Now your alone to face that trial
No longer can you drag me down
No longer do you have me bound


Time to say goodbye
You won’t see me cry
This isn’t like before
Let me show you the door
You will not be welcomed back
Courage I no longer lack
If I see you again beware
I won’t give you time to prepare
For the new page I turned in my life
I will no longer cave in to strife
It’s on my own two feet that I now stand
It’s my life and you are not in command