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The world around will fade and disappear
When I’m in your arms and you pull me near
When there’s no more wait and you’re here with me
By your side is where I’ll finally be
Holding you tight and never letting go
And every day you will feel my love grow
Let’s take this risk with your hand in mine
Create a life this world can’t confine

By Your Side

Let me lie in your arms again
And we’ll both be free of the pain
Let the memories be made new
Within these hearts that beat so true
Though time will tell if this can last
I see hope in a love so vast
So hold me tight, never let go
And side by side, our love will grow


The tension keeps me on the edge
Pins and needles cover the ledge
Making it hard to hold my ground
When it’s pain I see all around
Seeking wings to fly far away
So I can rise above the fray
And fly so far to lands unknown
Where only joy and love are grown
But without this pain how would we know
What it’s really like to feel love grow

Hidden Flame

Her mind slips and her will falters
And once again her dream alters
Once so sure of what her future held
All love from her heart she expelled
Yet a sliver must have remained
And hidden away it sustained
Now again it pleads to grow
Through her dreams it wants to flow
She fights fiercely to keep it tame
But deep within she feels its flame
Aching to burn with each passing day
And soon she knows it will have its way