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Mistakes of the past haunt her still
Turning hope to a bitter pill
She fears to swallow, for what may be
Disappointment cut so jaggedly
To give her heart, watch it break once more
Is simply more than she can endure
But can she live with the regret
Of not taking this one last bet

Thunder In My Heart

Intercloud lightnings over Toulouse (France). ...

 Raindrops are falling from the sky
Hiding tears streaming from my eye
Thunder rolls deep within my heart
Lightning strikes as it rips apart
Not lost love or heartache causing this pain
But loss of faith that love will ever reign
Past love found has ended so bleak
Pain felt from each has left me weak
To trust and love someone takes such strength
Easier to keep others at arm’s length
But solitude is no way to live
When a heart holds so much love to give