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Hide My Tears

How she wishes for tears from the sky
To hide those that she so longs to cry
So that there are none who would see
That her soul holds such tragedy
But though tragedy exists within
It’s balanced by light that’s always been
The light at times may not be seen
Or may at times be just a sheen
But trust that it will never go out
Despite the tears she may cry in doubt


A smile dark with maniacal grin
Cold runs slowly across your tender skin
Fear grips like never before
Never knowing what’s in store
Heart beats faster as time creeps by
Stopping once for a distant cry
Demons breaking through from down below
With some dark gift they wish to bestow
Though invisible now, not for long
So listen close for their mournful song
Run and hide if they draw near
If faced with them show no fear

I Will Not

I will not fade away
My presence here to stay
I will not be unseen
Hidden behind a screen
I will not hide in shadows
The light of my heart still glows
I will not run away
For fear of the next day
I will not let fear win
A new life can begin
I will not let hate rule my heart
Its poison would rip me apart