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Cries Unheard

That gentle voice she longs to hear
Telling her there’s nothing to fear
In the night so dark and cold
Where the screams ring out so bold
But into a void they seem to fall
She never hears that answering call
So she sits and waits for any reply
And ever more desperate is her cry
Her loneliness becoming bittersweet
As her hope and faith become obsolete

When The Walls Fall

Walls fall down all around
Rising dust from the ground
When the dust will clear, what remains
But some rubble and broken chains
All that held us back is now gone
And a new day starts with the dawn
But some dust remains in the air
It leaves hints of doubt and despair
And it lingers for too long
Even though we know it’s wrong

In The Frost

Snow falls silently to the ground
Hiding this world without a sound
Giving cover to all the scars
So now we walk upon the stars
Raising us so high above our past
Memories fade in an icy blast
Lost in the frost that covers this land
We will lose our chance to make a stand
Against a past that has shaken our hope
And has left us no way to truly cope
So we embrace this new wintry land
And all about it we see as grand

Hope Lives

Hope lives on within this heart
That one day healing will start
This shattered heart will some day mend
And to loves sweet grace it will bend
To once again hold someone tight
With these arms and through the night
Kiss him sweetly in the morning light
And with his caress my heart takes flight
Hope lives on that these dreams will come true
That one day soon I will wake to you

Hope So Sweet

A quiet laugh escapes her lips
The hold of sorrow slowly slips
For a moment so brief, a chance for change
This feeling of hope, a feeling so strange
She grabs it still and holds it close
Inside her mind a private toast
Thanking the stars for this feeling so sweet
Praying that this hope will never retreat
But life so harsh will often take
Those things that hold the highest stake
So we will dream of its return some day
Until we see it never went away

New Day

The sun rises slowly in the distance
Shining new light on her existence
Feeling those warm rays upon her face
As a new day begins in this place
Looking forward with her heart set free
From the pain that was all it could see
A new life on this day she will begin
Moving beyond all the hate that has been
Choosing the light over the dark
Finding that old familiar spark
Hoping against hope this spirit will last
To turn her on back on such a dreary past