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No Surrender

ice - flickr by DesolationSmile

He can feel the ice that runs in her veins
But he holds the key to unlock her chains
To ignite the fire that burns so cold
And see all her secrets as they unfold
She fights against it with all of her might
But within she knows it’s a losing fight
Though this may be one she’d rather not win
She can’t surrender and she can’t give in

Icy Gaze

She stands there tall and proud
Far away from the crowd
Eyes shining defiantly
Brightly now for all to see
But there’s a coldness in her gaze
And her confidence it betrays
For those who bother to look within
They may see the fire that once had been
But the iciness now within her heart
Shows the ease with which she can fall apart

The Bitter Cold

She closes her eyes seeking relief
Longing for the poison of belief
But into her veins with an icy grip
The bitterness of life will slowly slip
Taking control of her heart so true
Changing it to such an icy hue
And the coldness reflects behind those eyes
Her fire has met its final demise

Into The Vortex

She’d rather be numb than feel the pain
And never feel the cold of the rain
From all of the storms that are yet to come
That do their best to make her succumb
So within her heart a vortex forms
And it will consume as it transforms
This heart once on fire to solid ice
But this new future will not suffice
To give up the pain she gives much more
All the happiness that was in store

Savor The Misery

She savors the misery
All the pain and agony
Washing over her like the rain
And knowing this is her domain
Ruling with her jaded heart
None can make her fall apart
She will stand strong despite them all
Never succumbing to love’s fall

Within The Flames

The flames consume all in its way
Making the night as bright as day
But the fire is nothing to fear
Though you feel the heat as it draws near
Watch as it dances in the sky
Finding such freedom there up high
Moving and swaying without a care
Breathing and sighing in the night air
Don’t live your life hiding in ice
These flames of love may not come twice
So in your heart let the fire burn
And in your soul let freedom return

Rising Flame

Flames of ice rise from her heart
Billowing high from the start
Once they burned so hot and fierce
Now within the ice does pierce
Growing colder with each day
Reaching further with its sway
Rising higher, they consume
All that’s holding back the gloom
Ice blue flames the only light
That warm glow nowhere in sight
Forevermore this flame will rise
Shining through her pale green eyes


Ice Queen

Feeling so out of place within her own skin
A shell of a person who doesn’t fit in
The blood runs so cold through her veins
Numbing her against all life’s pains
Her heart now ice and protected well
From the lingering curse of love’s spell
Solitude she seeks in this wintry retreat
The sorrowful winds sing a song bittersweet
A lullaby to her ears in the fortress she’s built
The walls stacked so high, the stones are mortared with her guilt
Within this sanctuary her memories fade
And thoughts of those who still care will soon be decayed
As she hides deeper within these walls so cold
Her great story of love will never unfold

Shadows Grasp

Cat and Shadow

Even in light, so many shadows fall
Consuming the corners, seeming so small
But as the light begins to fade
The more shadows start to invade
Stretching their fingers across the land
Making their dark presence seem to grand
Reaching further into your heart
Growing so cold through every part
Your soul has now become cold as ice
Hope is lost in a roll of the dice