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Living Dreams

Dreams that fade in the light
But return every night
To keep them alive she must sleep
Allow herself to fall so deep
Into a slumber everlasting
But outside time is ever passing
There’s so much that she would miss
If she stayed in dreamy bliss
So she knows she must wake
Dreams in life she can make

Rhythm of the Rain

A return stroke, cloud-to-ground lightning strike.

Dark clouds hang heavy overhead
With an ominous sense of dread
No light this day is shining through
The storm above begins to brew
Winds sweeping and lightning flashes
In the distance thunder crashes
The rain falling in heavy sheets
The worlds now a drum that it beats
It keeps a rhythm true and pure
That nothing could ever obscure
So as the rain falls this day
And the trees do gently sway
Let the rhythm fill your heart
And let that dread now depart


Searching for a way to be free
From I’m where I don’t want to be
I want once again to see love rise
To see clearly through these jaded eyes
Lift the veil that clouds my sight
And see the world in full light

New Day

The sun rises slowly in the distance
Shining new light on her existence
Feeling those warm rays upon her face
As a new day begins in this place
Looking forward with her heart set free
From the pain that was all it could see
A new life on this day she will begin
Moving beyond all the hate that has been
Choosing the light over the dark
Finding that old familiar spark
Hoping against hope this spirit will last
To turn her on back on such a dreary past

Hell In Her Eyes

In her reflection she sees Hell in her eyes
The flames are dancing as the seek out their prize
Her soul in peril from their silent attack
Those green eyes fading as she tries to fight back
Darkness taking hold so deep within
Struggling against her own past sin
Seeking escape from these demons so dark
And this place they drag her that is so stark
This fight never ends but her spirit stays strong
Knowing that to this place she does not belong
She will break free one day, though she when she knows not
These flames will burn to ashes and be forgot

In The Shadows

Clouds move across the sky the way they move across my heart
Casting shadows where once there was light until they break apart
Light comes and light goes, in patterns large and small
Sometimes lasting, other times brief, more shadows fall
Always seeking the light, knowing that somewhere it can be found
Seeking the warmth it gives when those clouds no longer have it bound
Feeling so hopeless at times with no end to the clouds in sight
Losing faith in the ability to continue this fight
Looking again to the sky, watch as the clouds suddenly part
Find the same within myself, there is light still within this heart