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What Matters

It’s all those little things
You and my heart sings
The gentle way you brush my hair
Away from my face and just stare
In disbelief that I’m yours
And my faith that look restores
It’s the little things that you say
Without thought each and every day
That tell me that this love is true
And that I can say “I love you”

Childhood Past

Kids at Play

The simple things we all forget
The little things we don’t regret
Spending time with those we love
Looking at the clouds above
Playing with our favorite pets
Live each day with no regrets
Play with friends a game of tag
Football with that little flag
Hide and seek and count to ten
Draw fake tattoos with a pen
Scary stories in the dark
Chase each other through the park
Staying up late, who needs sleep?
Treasure hunters dig so deep
All the simple games we used to play
As we grew older faded away