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The Life We Lost

Stepping out of my norm for a moment, this was written in dedication of a certain person going though a very difficult time.  I will not name names but I know that you will know who you are.  I feel the pain you are going through and I hope this helps and don’t ever forget to smile and breath and go slowly.

Morning mist on Lake Mapourika, New Zealand.

In a place I never expected to be
Everything I know so far away from me
Lost in these thoughts that haunt my mind
Feeling as if I have been blind
How did I miss all the signs you gave
Living my life as if in a cave
But now I see all that was hidden
The truth that I felt was forbidden
Still so much more for me to learn
Like for what it is that you yearn
And though I wish all our problems could be done
That once more we could be here breathing as one
The center of my life now must be
Those sweet faces that look up to me