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No Surrender

ice - flickr by DesolationSmile

He can feel the ice that runs in her veins
But he holds the key to unlock her chains
To ignite the fire that burns so cold
And see all her secrets as they unfold
She fights against it with all of her might
But within she knows it’s a losing fight
Though this may be one she’d rather not win
She can’t surrender and she can’t give in


Hands gently brushing the hair from my face
And everything stands still in time and space
Fingers running slowly down my arm
And all my defenses you disarm
I melt into you as you pull me tighter
You kiss me so deep and my heart grows lighter
And all the world seems to just disappear
The beating of our hearts is all I hear

In Her Touch

Passion burns in her every touch
Her eyes are saying just as much
She burns hotter as the night wears on
Shining brighter than the coming dawn
The fire flowing through her veins
The ice melting till none remains
Desire consuming her heart whole
As it courses through and fills her soul
Making her more than you ever thought
Surpassing all that you ever sought

If She Knew

Words fall softly from her lips
And once again his heart skips
Her voice so full of love and pain
He wishes he could stop the rain
She reaches out but is so far away
To reach those arms any price he would pay
Her heart breaks again as she sits alone
Would have stopped her pain if he had just known
As the hour wanes she succumbs to sleep
And within his dreams she will never weep
If she only knew the love he felt
Into his arms she would surely melt

If It Could Only Last

Your kisses fall gently upon my lips
Your caresses so soft that my will slips
I melt into this moment and into your arms
Inside my head I ignore the sound of alarms
Knowing this can’t last, that this moment is fleeting
Yet I fight against my instinct of retreating
For the moment at least I will let myself fall
Taking in your passion and the heat of it all
Oh for this feeling to last, to have that connection
For this heart within me to truly feel affection