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Another Life

Take this life, I want no more
It has burned me to the core
Give me another in its place
And of this one please leave no trace
Take all the memories and the pain
And let them fade away like the rain
Take the darkness and leave the light
Carve me a path out of this fight
And for once just let me rest
Subject me to no more tests

Finding Peace

Staring deep into those eyes
She can see her own demise
Her dreams are crashing to an end
Broken pieces that she can’t mend
The shattered pieces beneath her feet
Cut with memories that are so sweet
And though these wounds go so deep
Upon this path she will keep
For the sweetness soothes her mind
And therein peace she can find

Until I See You

Your fingers tracing slowly on my skin
The sweetest thought that haunts me deep within
And your lips gently brushing against mine
I’ve never found anything so divine
Memories of your words in my ear
Those whispers I’m so longing to hear
Time ticks slowly as I patiently wait
For the distance between us to give way


She closes her eyes and breathes so deep
Holding these feelings she aches to keep
Feeling her heart beating quicker
As the haze of dreams grows thicker
This love in her heart will never fade
As memories so sweet are replayed
In her dreams, asleep or awake
Her smile grows, there’s no mistake
In his arms is where she’s meant to be
And so she waits for him patiently

By Your Side

Let me lie in your arms again
And we’ll both be free of the pain
Let the memories be made new
Within these hearts that beat so true
Though time will tell if this can last
I see hope in a love so vast
So hold me tight, never let go
And side by side, our love will grow


A smile grows upon my lips
A thought so sweet that never slips
A flood brought on by a single song
Of memories that still run so strong
Of day and nights that passed so quick
And feelings that once flowed so thick
But distance and silence made them fade
Until once more that sweet song was played
Once again those ghosts return
Bringing back that slow sweet burn
And thoughts of you now haunt my mind
In a way that is more than kind

Seeking Serenity

I seek serenity within this mind
A place of solace all I wish to find
A moment of peace from memories so cruel
A way to stop the madness that here would rule
But there is no magic lock or door to close
That would keep at bay all that which would impose
Memories keep coming, never slowing down
A tidal wave of pain under which I drown
Gasping for air each morning when I wake
Wondering how much more my soul can take
Before it is crushed beneath the weight
Of a world that’s filled with so much hate

Dark Horizon

Tears fall so easily from her green eyes
Carrying all of the pain and the lies
Feelings are boiling and erupting within
Over all that will be and all that has been
Memories of the past so dark and battered
Her dreams for the future are torn and tattered
The pieces flutter as they fly away
Her future now unknown to her dismay
To a bleak horizon she looks ahead
For the sun to shine and erase this dread


Ice Queen

Feeling so out of place within her own skin
A shell of a person who doesn’t fit in
The blood runs so cold through her veins
Numbing her against all life’s pains
Her heart now ice and protected well
From the lingering curse of love’s spell
Solitude she seeks in this wintry retreat
The sorrowful winds sing a song bittersweet
A lullaby to her ears in the fortress she’s built
The walls stacked so high, the stones are mortared with her guilt
Within this sanctuary her memories fade
And thoughts of those who still care will soon be decayed
As she hides deeper within these walls so cold
Her great story of love will never unfold


The scars within her run so deep
The memories seared she must keep
She is breaking a little more with each day
Under the weight of it all she does sway
Keeping up this fight leaves her drained
Losing all the ground she once had gained
But the facade each day she must maintain
All is well and happiness she will feign