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In The Moonlight

Day slowly fades from her sight
As she succumbs to the night
Moonlight covers her like a cloak
A breathless sight it does invoke
Her skin that glows so soft and sweet
As though this world holds no deceit
And the ground she walks upon
Is not the same come the dawn
For in the light the magic fades
With its piercing light that invades
So give her the moon and the night
And let her shine once more so bright

Gentle Gaze

Her shoulders caressed by the moonlight
Her face glowing softly in this night
Just the sight of her takes his breath away
The beauty of her soul turns night to day
Her bright eyes make the sun rise
And brightens these dreary skies
Feeling his stare she looks up to see
His gentle face that will set her free

Silver Moon

The Moon as seen by an observer from Earth. So...

An eternal darkness seems to cover the land
But a moon begins to shine a light that’s so grand
Its beauty takes the breath from me
And the stars shine for all to see
The moon shines through the darkness, light up the sky
Breaking through the blackness, stars reflecting in my eye
But dawn quickly comes and leaves me alone
Longing for the night and the light it shone


This is another poem that I wrote in middle school and was actually the second that I had gotten published.