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Tantalizing lips and kisses so sweet
Eyes so green that are devoid of deceit
And arms so strong to keep me secure
No harm to fear when you reassure
When I’m so close to you I will find peace
And the fears within will finally cease
And I’ll give you all that you’ve longed for
I can give you love and so much more

Prove Me Wrong

Prove me wrong, I’m tired of being right
Humanity has become such a blight
My expectations low for everyone I meet
Someone who rises above would be such a treat
Show me there is more than what my eyes see
Show me the good that I once thought could be
Take these jaded thoughts from within this heart
And show me I can have a fresh new start
Prove me wrong, I am begging you please
Before this heart can completely freeze


To be more is all I want
More in my life than a haunt
To have someone think of me
As the one they wish to be
In their life and by their side
As we match stride to stride
Someone to hold me when I cry
Promise never to say good-bye
Laugh with me when times are good
Love me all the ways you should
Instead of just being dismissed
To find my own way to exist