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Sweet Visions

sleeping - flickr by Grevel

Spoken softly into the night
Though in the dark, he speaks of light
Promises of brighter days
Are only words in the haze
Of sleep and wake within her mind
Stirring dreams of a tender kind
Replacing nightmares that used to haunt
With sweeter visions that seem to taunt
In a love so true she just can’t conceive
But he won’t give up making her believe

Reaching Out

Her timid hand reaching out
Tremble with lingering doubt
But in the dark a sigh she hears
As she fights back a flood of tears
Fingers touch upon his skin
And all her fears fade within
Another sigh escapes his lips
And back to sleep she slowly slips
Into dreams of brighter days
Nightmares fade into the haze

Carry On

Reliving horrors day after day
A nightmare that never goes away
Try as I might to forget that pain
Upon my soul it has left a stain
But all that was shapes all that will
Until the day that time stands still
Though horrors pass and nightmares fade
Wisps will remain in what they’ve made
So further on will I proceed
And to failure I won’t concede