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All around they turn away
None having the words to say
Slowly inside she’s shutting down
As her guard goes up all around
A somber tone in the words she speaks
But an answer back not what she seeks
Her words will fall and go unheard
Yet she will speak on undeterred
Till the silence overtakes
And her mind finally breaks


She lies wounded, scars exposed to all
Her tears run red, colored by her fall
Her blank stare gazes toward the sky
As the world and time just pass her by
Alone and forgotten by those around
Within her own mind is where she’ll stay bound
No smiles will she give, no words will she speak
No solace she craves, nor pity does she seek
Her inner peace she has found at last
She’s no longer haunted by the past


Post Script – To assuage any potential concerns for my mental state, this was inspired by simply watching too many crime dramas on TV.  So fear not my friends!  🙂