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One Last Dance

dancing - flickr by Lorenia

So many times she’s been knocked down
Left all alone there on the ground
Cold and trembling upon the floor
Is this all that Fate has in store?
She longs to hope, too scared to try
But then that look within his eye
Begs her to take just one more chance
Fall in his arms, give him this dance

New Sun Rising

In all the days that have gone by
So many nights alone to cry
But so many days that lay ahead
That to her surprise she does not dread
She will not face those days alone
In her heart a new light has shone
Like the morning sun as it rises
Each moment filled with more surprises
An unknown world coming to light
That’s so full of joy shining bright

Not Alone

The words she speaks ring so hollow
She needs no one hard to swallow
She stands up tall and she won’t sway
But defiant words do betray
The more she insists no help she needs
The more that the truth from her heart bleeds
That all alone she can’t survive
And even though she seems to thrive
Without those close who hold her hand
Then she could never make this stand