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Lean in close and listen well
To secrets I dare to tell
About my life and my story
And my rise and fall in glory
In all my words I will share
All I have within to bare
My true soul I will let you see
I will not sit by quietly
So read my words if you dare
And walk now into my lair

Looking Back

Music plays softly within my head
Whispering the words I wish I said
To those in my life long since gone
Passing through quickly like the dawn
Had I asked them to stay just a bit longer
Would it have made our bond just a bit stronger
Could they have found something to make them stay
If I did not always hold them at bay
So many times I tried to open up
To allow others to share from my cup
But maybe I didn’t try hard enough
Those times I tried to seem a bit too tough
Always said I could do it on my own
If only back then I had truly known