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With Each Day

sunrise - flickr by AtomDocs

Though she has wounds that may never heal
Deep within she continues to feel
Time moves on and the days pass by
And with each there’s less tears to cry
Little by little, her hope renewed
But deep within it remains subdued
Waiting so patient for the day
That all her doubts will go away

Waiting No More

Behind those eyes so pure and deep
So many secrets that they keep
Feelings are veiled and truth is hidden
And entry within is forbidden
Though she’s waited to be allowed in
Her patience is starting to wear thin
Her life she won’t just put on hold
So she can be treated so cold
She’s fought in battles and she’s survived
And countless times she has been deprived
So don’t count on her waiting anymore
She’s already starting to close the door

Through These Eyes

I look at you through these jaded eyes
And see the world is more than just lies
Around you doubt seems to disappear
As you lift me out of all my fear
You take the burdens that weighed me down
Lifting me higher before I drown
And in those eyes looking back at me
Love and patience are all that I see


I’ve had enough, my patience gone
Been pushed past the line that was drawn
Simple words will no longer soothe me
No one is going to get off easy
Better get ready for the fight
I can see you shaking in fright
Order now I will maintain
Before my mind goes insane