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Growing Hunger

Once again her hunger grows
Upon her prey she will close
In the night she will stalk
Eyes as sharp as a hawk
Looking for one to satisfy
Fulfill her needs and gratify
Upon his soul she will feast
Letting loose her inner beast
But her heart he could steal
Her weakness he’ll reveal


I alone must face this fear
That looks at me with a sneer
It’s dark eyes dancing with delight
Seeing the vulnerable sight
It sees me weak and deep in thought
The perfect prey that it has sought
No walls of defense to stop its attack
It sees no doors or locks to hold it back
Now it approaches with such speed
I’m given no time to recede
To a place within my mind
Where this fear will never find
So now this fear I must confront
Put an end to its silent hunt

Dark Angel

She walks in, a dark angel making her way through the crowd
Her silent stride defeaning in the room that’s so loud
Her target acquired, across the room
A victim in waiting, the dangers loom
He’s unaware of his pending demise
So engaged by her mesmerizing eyes
She approaches slowly, holding his gaze
He’s lost already in a growing haze
She reaches her target but does not speak
Despite her presence, inside she feels weak
She stops and waits to hear the voice of her prey
He speaks quietly but knows not what to say
His dark angel has arrived at last
Taking him through time and to the past
Reminding him of what passion should be
The quickening in his heart, desire to see
How dark can this sweet angel truly be
When she lights his fire so seductively
He bends to her will
And the night grows still
Only they exist in this place
All else stops in time and space
She began as the hunter in this game
But that ended when he asked for her name